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Can you imagine if your dreams could give you a glimpse of what might have been? Or lead you towards things you dreamed about without even realizing it?

This is the main theme of this book.  It's about the forever love of Kate and Patrick which even tragedy can't destroy. 

The story begins with Kate and Patrick, newly weds, starting their day making plans for that evening.  But, in only 30 minutes Kate's world comes crashing down. Needless to say, this tragedy changes the course of her life.

The book picks up 12 years later when Kate is rushing to meet her friend for dinner.  Dan surprises her with a restaurant full of their friends and family and a proposal! She thought she would never find love again but Dan says, "I'm going to make you the happiest woman in the world."

It's soon after that Kate begins having difficulty sleeping. She begins having very vivid dreams of Patrick and another life that could have been.  They are so real that when she awakens she's confused and wondering if Patrick is trying to tell her something... Their mantra "I knew before I met you that I was meant to be yours" plays over and over in her mind.

The author tells us "The Life Intended is the story of Kate Waithman finding her way back to the life she was supposed to have all along."  The book delves into details about foster care, cochlear implants, deafness and music therapy. All things I found interesting to learn about.  Although fiction, so many novels help to educate us in a very entertaining, enjoyable way.

I hope you enjoy this lovely story.  Happy reading!