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I'm excited to share this charming novel with you as it's quite unusual.  (At least to me.) First, it's written by a Minneapolis based author who has been a chef, caterer and culinary instructor.  In addition, her resume includes having graduated from La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris.  Secondly, she wrote her first novel, "Alexandra the Grate" at the age of 82 years young!  Dancing on a Silver Moon is the sequel to that novel.

The story begins with Alex deciding to downsize by selling the beautiful home where she raised her beloved son David and was the dutiful wife to her former husband in a "forever" marriage which had ended bitterly.

After her very popular cooking show ends, Alex still needs to support herself, find security and a retirement plan for the future.  As another door opens she is offered exactly what she needs.  A position as a culinary arts teacher at a local community college.  She would be doing what she loved best mentoring young people!

Alex has all levels of students, but her outstanding protégé is a boy called Garrett. He is extremely talented and becomes a valuable asset to her program and she becomes a lifelong inspiration and friend to him.

Just when life falls into a very comfortable routine - she is swept off her feet by a very charming fellow, Charlie Coleman.  Once again Alex is faced with a life changing decision.  Running off to New Orleans with a "lunatic musician" or staying put in her safe, secure life.

I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the rest of this charming story.  Alex again finds herself making tough decisions and reinventing herself in order to be the tenacious, courageous woman she's become.

 Happy reading!