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Funeral Chapels and Cremation Services

Since 1857, our family has taken care of Minnesota families' funeral arrangements with care, dignity, and respect. Our services include pre-planning, cremation, burial, memorial services, filing of the insurance & Social Security paperwork, and more.

No matter which location or service you choose, you will always find an exceptional level of professionalism and care at all our funeral chapels in Minneapolis.  Our staff is knowledgeable in funeral, cremation, burial and pre-planning services and are always willing to assist you with any questions or concerns. 

Family Owned & Operated Funeral Chapels For 160 years.  Our long family experience, coupled with our perspective on the importance of ceremony, will help you discover ways to pay tribute. Whether traditional or unique, these tributes allow us to love, laugh, and live well again.

Washburn-McReavy offers you 16 locations of choice and will accommodate for your every need.   Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week (612) 377-2203 or visit our website at www.washburn-mcreavy.com.




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Don't let the name fool you!  Minnesota Seniors is more than just another senior website geared towards only seniors.  It is for their families too.  We've found that there are Minnesota senior resources scattered all over the place which makes it harder to find the information and resources that you need. 

We've done the research for all sorts of information, programs, products, and services that are relevant to today's Minnesota seniors, their families, and caretakers and condensed it all into one major resource:  Minnesota Seniors Online! 

Minnesota Seniors Online is more than just a Minnesota resource directory...it is also your direct link to get connected to Minnesota products, services, shopping, entertainment, fun stuff like hobbies, crafting, antiques, movies/books, events and happenings in your area, city and county government information, and other valuable information that is relevant to you, your family, your lifestyle, plus so much more! 

"Minnesota Seniors Featured Businesses"

 Financial Services, Home Improvement, Auto Repair, Restaurants, and more! 

We are adding to our "Minnesota Featured Businesses" section, every day.  Minnesota Seniors and Minnesota Family Members can find affordable and reputable companies for all your products, services, and other needs.  Many offer additional discounts.  Be sure to check back each day, as we continue adding all the great companies and more that serve Minnesota and its Seniors.

Minnesota Seniors Featured Businesses

After just a couple of clicks, you'll make Minnesota Seniors Online your one source for everything you need and keep you connected to your family and community...

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