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Three Helpful Tips for Seniors Looking to Declutter
Article by Rachel Protas - Junk360


After a lifetime of experiences and memories, your collections of sentimental items will accumulate. Soon, your living space, shelves, and boxes are stuffed with newspaper clippings, photographs, gifts from family members, tax returns, letters, and greeting cards. When that happens, itís time to declutter.

Why Should Seniors Regularly Declutter?

While itís always difficult to purge, decluttering is especially important for seniors. Some reasons for seniors to declutter include:

  1. Efficiency: With time it can become more and more difficult to find items you need. Decluttering cuts down on searching and saves you time.
  1. Safety: Clutter is a tripping hazard. Decluttering enables you to move about your home with peace of mind.
  1. Focus: Because messy environments affect cognitive thinking, itís important to have a clean space where you can process information.

Tips for Seniors Decluttering

  • Go Slow: Donít try to tackle everything at once. After all, Rome wasnít built in a day. Instead, carve out two to three hours per day. See what gets done, and then take a break. Doing so will keep you from getting stuck, and allow you to begin the next day with a positive outlook.
  • Bring in an Objective Party: Going through all your old belongings is a challenge. Going through all your old belongings objectively is practically impossible. In that case, we recommend bringing in an objective third party to make the decisions easier. This could be a professional organizer, downsizing service, or housekeeper. These people will help you navigate the emotional terrain effectively.
  • Ask Your Family to Help: Tell your loved ones youíre decluttering! This will give them the opportunity to rescue items of remembrance or personal value from your donation or junk pile. Also, you might need help moving some of the heavier objectsÖ

Whatís the Next Step?

When youíre decluttering, set up a space, bag, or box for the items youíre getting rid of. At the end of each day, go through those items and organize them into three sections:

  • Sell: If there are items you want to sell, contact your local consignment store. Craigslist and ebay are also great ways to sell your stuff online.
  • Donate: Less valuable objects make great donations. Call your local charities to find out what items they need. Some of them will even come pick those items up themselves, saving you a trip.
  • Junk: At the end of the day, throw out everything in your junk pile. Donít give yourself a chance to rethink it. Itís worthwhile to hire a professional junk removal service for larger items, such as furniture and old appliance.

Donít add any more options! Make sure youíre taking care of things immediately. Otherwise theyíll continue to clutter up your home.

Junk360 Can Help Seniors Declutter!

Itís important to for seniors to regularly declutter their homes off all junk and unused objects. Not only does a clutter free environment keep you happy, it saves you (and your loved ones) time and effort in the long run.

Junk360 is here to help all seniors in decluttering their space! Our professional, five-star staff can help seniors organize their belongings and take care of all the heavy lifting. Weíll even clean up afterwards!

Since we charge by the truck space, our prices are guaranteed to be the best. Call (651) 395-8659 to discuss and schedule your junk removal or get a free estimate online!

Donít get bogged down in the clutter. Leave it to us!

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This section is dedicated to providing seniors, family members, and caregivers with news, tips, articles, and information pertaining to everyday living, housing, and other relevant issues that affect today's Seniors.