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Neora Wellness & Weight Management

Rejuvenate your wellness with Neora’s Holistic Wellness Set. Our exclusive products help you care for your brain, your health at the cellular level, your gut and your circadian rhythm. It delivers 24/7 wellness, head-to-toe, inside-and-out, with convenient products that fit easily into any lifestyle. Visit our website to learn more about these holistic products and what they can do for you.
- EHT Brain Supplement supports better cognitive function and overall brain health
-Youth Factor® Compete Vitality Complex and Youth Factor® Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder can help maintain a healthy lifestyle by working to fuel your health where it starts, the cellular level.
- NeoraFit Weight Management - 3 Steps to a Healthier, Slimmer You! Most of us know that staying healthy and managing our weight means eating right and exercising regularly. But what if you had a 3-part system to boost your results and help support the healthy habits you’re working toward every day? NeoraFit nutritional supplements ease into your daily routine from morning to night and deliver a realistic solution to managing your weight and living fit for the long run. .
- Wellness Chews for Sleep & Energy feature our exclusive, proprietary Circadiplex blend and other natural, active ingredients that help regulate your internal clock by balancing your circadian rhythm over time by supporting normal cortisol levels.* The portable and easy-to-consume chews support a calm, relaxed state of mind, and help your body counteract the negative effects of stress.* And, they’re designed to work in perfect harmony with each other. Visit our website to learn more about each product and what they can do for you.

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EHT® Brain Formula

EHT® is an Age-Defying Supplement, Mind Enhancing Formula that helps protect the brain against mental decline and decreased function that comes with aging. This exclusive patented bio-extract comes after 20 years of research out of Jeffry Stock’s Princeton University labs. EHT creates stronger neural connections, which lead to the ability to create stronger synaptic connections. The result – increased brain performance for a healthy, focused mind. The EHT supplement promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health · Improves Memory & Recall · Increases Focus and Mental Alertness · Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions · Protects and supports neuronal networking · Enhances the body’s natural energy stores · Boosts the body’s immune system. EHT® can only be ordered through a Neora Brand Partner. Order online or contact Angela at 763-614-0546 or email her today!

Tel: 763-614-0546
Email: angbn13@gmail.com
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