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As of 2015 we have been certifying patients for Medical Cannabis. To legally obtain cannabis medication you must first qualify for one of the below medical conditions and then become certified by a qualified medical provider. If you meet one or more of the State of Minnesota qualifying conditions then you will be physician certified and enrolled into the Medical Cannabis Registry. Qualifying conditions include: Cancer, Glaucoma HIV/AIDS, Tourette’s syndrome, ALS, Seizures, Muscle spasms, Inflammatory bowel disease, Terminal illness, Intractable Pain, PTSD, Autism, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Alzheimer’s disease and chronic pain. New qualifying conditions include, Sickle cell disease & chronic motor or vocal tic disorder (effective Aug. 2021). Medical Cannabis is a new safe medication with different routes of convenience such as oral tablets/capsules, creams and balms applied to the skin, tinctures dispensed under the tongue and vaporized oils to inhale (vape). These medications and delivery methods have been proven effective for a myriad of medical issues. Call today for Evaluation and Certification.

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