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Minnesota Seniors Feeling stressed? In pain? Massage Therapy can help relieve tension, stiffness, and pain in your muscles and thus, increase flexibility and mobility, plus clear lactic acid and other waste and can improve circulation throughout your body. Finding a good massage therapist is just a click away...

Mary T. Hospice

Mary T. Hospice Care is a personalized program of palliative and supportive services that provides medical, emotional, social and spiritual care for patients with a limited life expectancy. We believe the quality of life for the patient and family can be improved with an inter-disciplinary approach to care. Our Hospice Care team includes your primary care physician, our medical director, RN case manager, social worker and a spiritual counselor. We minimize the number of caregivers our patients see to ensure consistent care. We can often begin hospice care the same day we are contacted. Our services also include music and massage therapies. Call us today for more information and a free evaluation.

Address: Coon Rapids, MN 55433
Tel: (763) 772-9963
Email: lesleec@marytinc.com
Website: https://marytinc.com/hospice/