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Minnesota Seniors If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, there are options available for you. From plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, diabetes, gout, bunions and more. Foot and Ankle Care professionals and their products and services can help you get back on your feet again.

Family Podiatry Clinic

The physician and staff at Family Podiatry Clinic are focused on maintaining your trust and confidence. Our practice is committed to providing you with a superior level of care in a friendly and personalized environment. We specialize in all Foot and Ankle Conditions including: Ankle Pain, Bunions Corns, Custom Orthotics, Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Shoes, Foot Sprains and Strains, Flat Feet, Fractures, Hammertoes, Heel Pain, Neuroma, Plantar Fascitis, Plantar Warts, Reconstructive Surgery, Sport Injuries Tendonitis, Toenail Problems and Infections. A key part of preventing a health care problem from progressing is being aware as to how they can develop. We strongly believe that patient education is an important part of the services we provide. Contact us today for an appointment!

Address: 761 W 78th St. , Chanhassen, MN 55317
Tel: 952-934-9000
Email: fampodclinic@aol.com
Website: http://fampodclinic.com/
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ClipDifferent - Lil Nipper

Electric Fingernail Clippers for All Bodies, Ages, and Abilities
Products made with purpose: to help you live a fuller, more enriching life.
Our automatic nail clippers provide a safe and effortless nail cutting experience for infants & toddlers, kids, adults, seniors, and people of varying mobility. As a General Benefit Corp, we commit to giving a higher standard of purpose, accountability, and transparency to our community.

Tel: (612) 444-1339
Email: help@clipdifferent.com
Website: Click Here

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