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Minnesota Seniors Handyman
Handyman Services can help you with the small jobs related to general maintenance of your home, whether you need new hardware on your cupboards, or replace doors, and more.

Senior Life Management

Senior Life Management is focused on helping seniors stay independent in their homes as long as possible. When loved ones are getting older, it can be stressful to make sure they are safe, cared for, and keeping their home running. Senior Life Management helps seniors with general maintenance, home accessibility modifications, and more. We work closely with our partners to provide these complementary services: BROKERAGE, ESTATE MANAGEMENT, HOME MODIFICATIONS & TRANSITIONS INTO FACILITIES.

Tel: (952) 431-1095
Email: info@seniorlifemanagement.net
Website: Click Here

Finest Home Services

Our recurring home maintenance plan guarantees your home receives the essential services for preventative maintenance and upkeep, providing worry-free convenience and peace of mind. We customize plans for your home and always finish your honey-do list before leaving.

  • Testing and replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspection/replacement of indoor and outdoor lighting, including bulbs
  • Cleaning refrigerator coils and sharpening/cleaning garbage disposal.
  • Drain and vent cleaning throughout the home.
  • Changing filters and replenishing water softener salt.
  • Exterior inspection and repair of screws/nails in decking and fencing.
  • Completion of homeowner's task list, affectionately known as "Honey-Do."
  • Tel: 651-347-1073
    Email: welcome@finesthomeservice.com
    Website: Click Here
    License: ##CR806961

    Senior Community Services

    Senior Community Services is a nonprofit organization with a mission to innovate and deliver services that meet the changing needs of older adults and their caregivers.

    The HOME program provides help with indoor and outdoor chores like housekeeping, minor home repairs, painting projects, and lawn care/snow removal. Personal Technology Support & Coaching is also available.

    Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services are available to help older adults and their families access appropriate and affordable services for their unique needs. Our licensed social workers also host Caregiver Support Groups in several locations.

    CareNextion.org is a free, online tool (and smartphone app) that helps caregivers coordinate and connect with others to support their older adult loved one. Call 612-770-7005 or visit the CareNextion website to learn more and create a care team.

    Address: 10201 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 335, Minnetonka, MN 55305
    Tel: (952) 541-1019
    Email: reimagineaging@seniorcommunity.org
    Website: Click Here
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