Has The Downturn In
The Economy Affected
Your Loved Ones?

submitted by Nancy Vest of Home Instead Senior Care, 952-929-5695

Ten Warning Signs That A Senior Is Cutting Too Many Corners:

While financial hardship might be difficult for most people, it can prove to be dangerous for seniors living on a fixed income.  Poor nutrition, skipped medications, a house that is too hot or cold or
even extreme isolation can be life-threatening for an elderly adult.

The best way to make sure that your senior loved ones are safe and well at home is to go and check things out directly, or if you are unable to do so, send someone you trust to the home who can look around and evaluate things first-hand.

Ten Cost-Cutting Warning Signs To Watch For:

Is your senior's home too warm in the summer and too cold in
    the winter?

2. Is the lawn not getting mowed nor is the sidewalk getting cleaned
    in inclement weather?

3. Is your loved one complaining about not being able to afford

4. Are home repairs not getting done?

5. Is there a shortage of food in the house?

6. Is your senior skipping doctor's appointments?

7. Is your older adult staying home more and becoming isolated?

8. Is your senior cutting out entertainment?

9. Does your loved one eat out less?

10. Did your senior cancel a vacation?

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Nancy Vest is the Community Services Representative for Home Instead Senior Care in Edina, MN, a trusted source of non-medical services to help seniors live safely and independently at home. Nancy has a degree in Social Work and a background that includes working with the elderly. She knows first-hand what it is like to face the challenging issues that come with caring for aging loved ones. Her 88 year old parents-in-law live with Nancy and her husband in their Eden Prairie home.

If you have a question or a topic you would like Nancy to address, you can contact her at 952-929-5695, or email her at nancy.vest@homeinstead.com.