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Mike Ankoviak

Mike Ankoviak is a resident of Champlin, MN.  He was raised in Albert Lea, MN where his father, Bill Ankoviak, finished his career as a professional baseball player.  Along with his 5 brothers and sisters, Mike was brought up on a steady diet of baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, football, and mumbley peg.  He would spend his evenings scouring the paper for the latest sports box scores.  Today Mike's appetite for sports continues.  He has been a season ticket holder for most of our pro sports teams in the Twin Cities.  He has been a part owner of a race horse stabled at Canterbury Downs, and is an avid golfer and tennis player.  You may not agree with all of Mike's opinions but I think you will agree that his insight into the world of sports is always refreshing. 

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People Get Ready There’s a train a-coming……

Inauguration Day has never felt like this before. But hey, let’s put our political differences aside…..and make St. Paul great again!  Wow, the Wild really have it going on! They’ve won like 16 out of the last 17 or something crazy and are in first place in the Western Conference.  New coach, a couple new faces, a hot goalie and even the Stanley Cup doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. I’d love to see them coming to Vegas next season as defending champs! Our curse has been the Blackhawks but this year we may have the tools to get past them. If we can do that, then the Cup is in reach. The bookmakers believe it can happen too. About 6 weeks ago they were 20-1 for the Cup when my brother Robert told me to go put some money on them.  I checked last night at the book and they were 5-1. Wish I would have put some of my own money on them. Damn!

Who says our Minnesota Gophers sports teams suck? The footballers got a bowl victory as a 10 point dog to Washington State.  Although they actually got more press for their off-field antics. Which eventually cost their fill-in coach his job. But the new hire has great potential for a change and was actually a coveted candidate amongst some of the big schools looking to hire a head coach. I think the future looks bright for a change.

On the basketball front, the Gophers were looking surprisingly strong…..for a couple of games into the Big Ten season.  They rose to #24 in the national rankings, then lost 2 straight. But they have potential. I believe they’ll right the ship and make the NCAA tournament this year. That would be fun!

And lest I forget, the Super Bowl is only a couple weeks away. Of course I should have said weeks ago that the Packer roll was going to continue right through the big game. I’m pretty sure they beat the Patriots and come out of this up and down season as World Champs. No one is hotter than Aaron Rodgers and he’s going to get his second ring down in Houston.

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