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HealthEast Health Alert

HealthEast Health Alert offers Personal Emergency Response Home Monitoring Systems that help individuals continue to live independently in their homes. The Health Alert home monitoring unit is an electronic device that provides emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No phone? No problem. We have wireless units. If you need help, simply press the personal transmitter button. Contact us today for more information. Health Alert has been serving the ten county metro area and western Wisconsin communities since 1981. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

Tel: 651-232-3560
Website: http://www.healtheast.org/health-alert


MinnesotaSecurity.com offers an affordable solution for greater safety and peace of mind allowing your senior family member to live independently. A more comprehensive solution than traditional personal emergency response (PERS) wearable pendants, wellness monitoring is a safety net providing a more complete view of a loved oneís wellness. The Alarm.com system learns activity patterns allowing caregivers to monitor daily living. Get an automatic, real-time alert if thereís a change in a family memberís activity pattern or if they have left the home at an unusual hour. The system will send alerts when a button cannot be pushed. Automated temperature, lighting and security settings provide effortless control. MinnesotaSecurity.com, an Alarm.com authorized dealer, offers you affordable, easy to use, smart security and smart home technology configured to suit your lifestyle.

Tel: 952-224-9191
Email: joe@minnesotasecurity.com
Website: http://www.minnesotasecurity.com/

HELO - Shalom Jacobs Independent Representative

HELO is not a common wristband. It can be worn 24/7 and itís a real-time health monitoring and disease prediction, record, alert & report. It Real-Time monitors your vitals like Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, takes an EKG, Breath Rate, Steps & Distance, Energy Levels, Mood & Sleep patterns. Also, with the Panic Button you can automatically call your loved ones to signal you have a problem, sending your GPS position. HELO will soon monitor: glucose levels, Oxygen levels, blood temperatures, Ovulation & Alcohol levels. HELO send an alert when a life vitals exceed normal readings. Made by TOSHIBA, HELO remotely monitors a loved oneís health & you can know they are ill before they do. Caregivers: Medicare pays for HELO. Get yours today!

Tel: 651-592-7970
Website: http://life.helo.life/cp5